Daily, businesses spring and close up world over. As new entrants are entering the already crowded market to compete for minimal or almost non-existent customers, so are businesses folding up especially in these days of recurring downward market trend. One thing remains steady though; there are businesses that have refused to close shop because they know what it takes to succeed in the fierce 21st century business environment.

One noticeable trait of successful 21st century businesses is their careful and meticulous planning of their brand and image. According to Kevin Lane Keller and Keith Richey, as markets continue to mature and competition within industries grows fiercer, companies will not succeed purely on the basis of what products or services they offer. Read the rest of this entry »


In recent times, we have seen the rise of protest world over. There was the Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Occupy Portland, Occupy Chicago and lot more. The rank of those who fight for rights as citizens have witnessed a lush in this new era and we must begin to take a look at certain lexis historically to differentiate those who are involved in citizens’ action and those who are just mere idiots.

We cannot adequately discuss citizens without analyzing citizenship since it is the root word. Citizenship is the state of being a citizen of a particular social, political, national or human resource community. Citizenship was equated by Virginia Leary (1999) as connoting “a bundle of rights- primarily, political participation in the life of the community, the right to vote, and the right to receive certain protection from the community as well as obligation. Read the rest of this entry »

Various reports suggest that Nigerians are the most religious people on earth; one reports majority (52%) are Muslims, Christians (46%) and others (2%), another reliable research has it that Muslims are 50%, Christians 40% and practitioners of indigenous beliefs, 10%. Nevertheless, despite her proven religiousity, the country is still in shackles of vices, corruption and unbearable immorality, to mention but a few.

Religion is simply “observing spiritual rules and activities for tradition’s sake.” It’s a man-made way of connecting to the Supreme Being. I believe no matter the religion one professes, it should be an avenue to advocate MANKIND and not a way to destroy it. Owing to the report above, it’s right to deduce that at least 85% of her people attend a religious service at least once a week and, that amounts to four times a month and fifty two times in a year. Despite this statistics, Nigeria is morally bankrupt.
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